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Division 14 “Applied Cognitive Psychology”

The recent 27th International Congress of Applied Psychology in Melbourne was not only pleasant but also an extremely productive meeting for the Division 14 of IAAP. Besides a great variety of existing contacts with colleagues from different parts of the world, the division organized a number of events of its own. Prominent among them were the invited symposium on hazard perception organized together with Division 13 by Mark Wetton and Megan Preece (both Australia) and the keynote address “From studying cognitive systems to developing cognitive technologies” by the founder and the first president (1998-2002) of the Division 14, Boris Velichkovsky (Germany and Russia). In the business meeting he was elected to the new president of the Division.



Boris Velichkovsky received his education at Moscow State Lomonossow-University (psychology) and Berlin Humboldt-University (physics). In 1990, he became professor of the Department of Neuropsychology at the University of Bielefeld (Germany). Following a NSERC Professorship at the University of Toronto, he assumed his current position of director of the Psychology Institute III, Dresden University of Technology. Since 2008, he also is the founding director of Institute for Cognitive Studies at Kurchatov Research Centre in Moscow. His main research interests are related to mechanisms of human visual cognition and to a combination of methods and technologies derived from different scientific domains such as Human-computer interaction, neurobiology and cognitive science. He is the co-ordinator of EU NEST-Pathfinder project PERCEPT (Perceptual Consciousness – Explication and Testing) and co-director of EU CogITo (Cognitive Interface Technologies) group, and a member of several professional boards. He is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the European Steering Committee for Cognitive Science, fellow of the Japan Society for the Advancement of Science and the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution of Cognition (Austria). He has been previously invited to give keynote addresses on basic and applied studies of human cognition to International Congresses of Psychology and to ACM CHI conferences.

The delegates to the Congress also elected a vice-president and a scientific secretary of the Division. Therefore the governing body of the Division is now completed and is as follows:

Boris M. Velichkovsky, Professor Dr.
Institute of Psychology III
Dresden University of Technology
Helmholtzstrasse 10
01069 Dresden - Germany
Tel. +49 351-46334221
Email velich at psychologie.tu-dresden.de

José J. Cañas, PhD Professor
Department of Experimental Psychology
University of Granada
Campus de Cartuja
18071 Granada - Spain
Tel. +34 958-243767       
Email delagado at ugr.es

Joachim Hasebrook, Dr.
Senior Manager
Hammer Strasse 165
48153 Muenster - Germany
Tel.: +49 251-97128 940
Email jhasebrook at zeb.de

Scientific Secretary
Peter G. Burton, PhD
Honorary Fellow, Quality of Life & Social Justice Flagship
Australian Catholic University
55 Blackfriars Bldg
2602 Canberra - Australia
Tel.: 02 62091241
Email Peter.Burton at acu.edu.au


The problems to solve by this Division are mostly related to improving its visibility within the established units of the IAAP network. The new leadership of the Division has already underway and plans a number of scientific and educational activities in the coming months. José Cañas and Boris Velichkovsky finished a chapter on ergonomics and human factor engineering for the fundamental IAAP Handbook of Applied Psychology (Taylor & Francis, 2011). Two salient international events are currently in preparation. In October 2011, the Division plans to organize the first IAAP Autumn School on Applied Cognitive Research, in Ronda, Spain (Ronda is a beautiful town in Andalusia with excellent living and conference facilities about 100 km from International airport in Málaga, see http://www.turismoderonda.es/indexeng.htm). The information about this school will become available through the page of the Division 14 on the IAAP site. Furthermore, José Cañas, Peter Burton and Alexander Voiskounsky (Moscow State University) are currently preparing a proposal for an invited symposium “Applied Cognitive Research: International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives” at the next International Congress of Psychology in Cape Town, South Africa.






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