Aims and Rules

The Division is bound by the constitution of The International Association of Applied Psychology, and has as its main aims those stated in Article 1 of the IAAP Constitution "... to establish contact between those who, in different countries … devote themselves to scientific work in the various fields of applied psychology, and to advance the study and achievement of means likely … to contribute to the scientific and social development in these fields".

It seeks to fulfil these aims particularly with respect to the application and scientific investigation of psychological aspects of Traffic and Transportation.

The activities of the Division are overseen by a Division Executive Committee, the Officers of the Division: President, Past-President, President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer.  These Committee members are appointed for at the Division's General Assembly, held every four years during the International Conference of Applied Psychology.  The Division also seeks to provide opportunities for psychologists in different geographical regions to share knowledge and experience.  To this end the Executive Committee includes Regional Representatives, who are also appointed at the Division’s General Assembly.

Members of the Division Executive Committee must be members in good standing, and must have been nominated by two other Division members.  Where two or more nominations are received for an Office, or Regional Representative, the outgoing Officers of the Division will hold an election for the contested positions among the division members of good standing before the Division General Assembly.  Where vacancies occur between General Assemblies, the Division Executive Committee can co-opt additional members.  These will serve on the Division Executive until the next Division General Assembly.

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