About IAAP


The International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP), founded in 1920, is the oldest association of applied psychologists in the world.


The IAAP consists of thirteen divisions that reflect different sub-fields of applied psychology:


Division 1: Work and Organizational Psychology

Division 2: Psychological Assessment and Evaluation

Division 3: Psychology and National Development

Division 4: Environmental Psychology

Division 5: Educational, Instructional and School Psychology

Division 6: Clinical and Community Psychology

Division 7: Applied Gerontology

Division 8: Health Psychology

Division 9: Economic Psychology

Division 10: Psychology and Law

Division 11: Political Psychology

Division 12: Sport Psychology

Division 13: Traffic and Transportation Psychology

Division 14: Applied Cognitive Psychology

Division 15: Students Division

Division 16: Counseling Psychology


For more information about the IAAP or other Divisions, please visit: www.iaapsy.org

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