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marca.jpg - 389 bytes Members of our Division cooperate in the Division tasks.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Forthcoming in September 2010 a new volume, Developing Self in Work and Career: Concepts, Cases, and Contexts, edited by Paul J. Hartung and   Linda M. Subich, will be published by APA Books.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Antonia Dietman has undertaken a function of Chair of the British Psychological Society's Division of Occupational Psychology in 2010.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes VIJAY PADAKI (Bangalore, India) has taken the practice of OD to some unexplored areas in the recent past.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Rabi S. Bhagat, Professor of International Management and Organizational Behavior at University of Memphis has co-edited the Cambridge Handbook of Culture, Organizations, and Work which was published in August 2009.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Allen Kraut, editor of SIOP Professional Practice Series, wrote the foreword for a new book, Going Global: Practical Applications and  Recommendations for HR and OD Professionals in the Global Workplace," edited by Kyle Lundby and published by Jossey-Bass under the sponsorship of SIOP as part of the Professional Practice Series.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes The SIOP International Affairs Committee.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Members of IAAP Division 1 are participating in the abstract review process for the next ICAP.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Peter Warr and Guy Clapperton, highly-acclaimed professor of psychology and a widely published business journalist wrote The Joy of Work? Jobs, Happiness, and You.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Gary Latham (Fellow, Division 1) is the recipient of the Association for Psychological Science's James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award for 2009-2010.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes José María Peiró, president of the IAAP Division 1 has been nominated as professor emeritus of San Marcos University of Peru. 


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Peter Warr, IAAP fellow, and José Maria Peiró, president of the Division 1 have been elected Fellow members of SIOP. New Orleans (USA)


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Professor Dr. Gisela Mohr has been nominated as a member of the scientific advisory board of the "Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin" in Berlin.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Robert Roe, was elected as President of EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations) during the European Congress of Psychology (July, 2009, Oslo). 


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Virginia Schein visits the University of Silesia (Poland)


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Andrea Castiello d'Antonio, member of IAAP for over 20 years (Division 1 and Division 2), has become a professor of Personnel Selection & Assessment at the European University of Rome (Italy), Dept. of Psychology.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Benjamin Akinyemi has been appointed as Rector of Kigali Institute of Management.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Organizational Behavior Real Research for Real Managers by Jone Pearce.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Alice Eagly has won the 2009 Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the APA.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Joel Lefkowitz has retired from F/T teaching.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Professor emeritus Leopold Vansina and Marie-Jeanne Vansina-Cobbaert, Ph.D. published their book: "Psychodynamics for Consultants and Managers: From understanding towards leading meaningful change". Chichester: J. Wiley-Blackwell.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes William Macey, Benjamin Schneider, Karen Barbera, and Scott Young, all of the Valtera Corporation, are pleased to announce the publication of their new book by Wiley-Blackwell, Employee Engagement: Tools for Analysis, Practice, and Competitive Advantage.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Benjamin Schneider of the Valtera Corporation will be awarded the Herbert Heneman Jr. Career Achievement Award by the Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management at the Annual Conference held in Chicago IL, 7-12 August 2009.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Gary Latham, President of SIOP, and a Fellow of IAAP, has been  elected to the Board of Directors of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).


marca.jpg - 389 bytes A group of Polish Work and Organizational Psychologists, members of IAAP Division 1, from University of Silesia, Poland visited the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Valencia from 3rd to 5th of December 2007 (prof. B. Kozusznik, dr M. Adamiec, dr B. Makselon)


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Professor José María Peiró has recently been awarded by the Unviersity of Valencia with the University-Society research and development award


marca.jpg - 389 bytes 1st International Winter School on Work and Organizational Psychology organised by Erasmus-Mundus Programmer on WOP-Psychology (Bertinoro, Italy from 10th to 23rd of February 2008)


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Prof. Virginia Schein, Past President of IAAP Division 1, has been appointed as one of the IAAP representatives at the United Nations


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Prof. Franco Fraccaroli elected as President of European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP)


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Prof. Fred Zjilstra elected  as President of the Section Work and Organizational Psychology of Dutch Society of Psychologists (NIP)


marca.jpg - 389 bytes European Commission supports academic visits of scholars and students from the Universities of Barcelona, Bologna, Coimbra, Paris V and Valencia to Portland State University


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Winter Schools at the European Master Erasmus Mundus on Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology (WOP-P)  11- 23 February 2008 (Italy)


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Partnership among Division 1 of IAAP, EAWOP, and SIOP to develop and design an appropriate strategy/structure for a worldwide community of organizational psychologists. Michael Frese, José María Peiró, Handan Kepir Sinangil, and Virginia Schein take part in this partnership on the behalf of the Division 1.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes José María Peiró, president of Division 1 and chair of the EAWOP2009 program committee, wrote a column for The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (Vol. 46/No. 1  July 2008), providing an overview of work and organizational psychology in Spain and concluding with an invitation to visit Santiago de Compostela during the upcoming EAWOP conference.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Allan Church, member of IAAP-Division 1 has become a new SIOP fellow.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes After consultation between EAWOP and IAAP Division 1, Vicente González-Romá was proposed and accepted as a new editor of the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Steve W. J. Kozlowski, a fellow of the IAAP and Division 1 member, has become an editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology and Neil Anderson, also member of the Division 1, is one of the associate editors.


marca.jpg - 389 bytes Division 1 sponsors ten subscriptions to the IAAP


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