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Report about meeting of Executive Committee of IAAP Division 1 (Santiago de Compostela, May 13-16, 2009)

The forth meeting of Executive Committee of IAAP Division 1  took place  in Santiago de Compostela, on 15th of May , 2009 during the 14th European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology.

Participants were: Jose Maria Peiro (President), Handan Kepir Sinangil (President elect), Barbara Kozusznik (Secretary), Filip Lievens (Treasurer), and. Kristina Potocnik (Member of editorial team of Newsletter).

Virginia Schein (Past president), Lyudmila Karamushka (Newsletter editor) were not able to attend the congress.

1. Global Alliance.
2. IAAP Division 1 Newsletter and web page
3. Membership of IAAP Division 1.
4. IAAP Bulletin.
5. ICAP Melbourne (Division symposia and Social Hour).
6. IAAP Division 1 promotion at the future congresses.
7. Workshop Miriam Erez
8. White papers
9. Task force about international education of I/O psychology 
10. New activities in IAAP to reinforce internationalization (new forms with the use of internet)
11. Organization of "small" IAAP seminars, symposia in different countries (e.g. in Poland)
12. Any other issues.


1. Global Alliance:
José María Peiró reports about the idea behind the alliance. First, Division 1, SIOP, and EAWOP established a cooperation aiming to exchange services, membership, etc. At BOD meeting in Berlin, the idea was approved; however a number of questions were raised. IAAP Officers approved the motion, voting online. Thus, the exchange of services and the support to further develop the cooperation between IAAP-Div.1 and SIOP and EAWOP was approved and supported. From this point on, the presidents of the three Organizations and Milton Hakel have suggested the idea of creating a global alliance. Milton Hakel also made the draft of the statutes, but important issues about the mission, goals, structure and functions have to be discussed. A basic web page has been opened to inform about the project. ( Information about Alliance  is presented in the Newsletter, section 2).

2. IAAP Division 1 Newsletter and web page:
So far, we have been publishing two issues per year. Lyudmila Karamushka (Newsletter editor) and members of editorial team (Kristina Potocnik and Oksana Kredencer) are responsible for it.
We disseminate each issue through the Division 1 listserv and we upload them at the web page. We also publish newsletter contributions in different sections on the web-page. EC members should visit the web page to make suggestions for its improvements. 

3. Membership of IAAP Division 1:
José María Peiró suggests promoting the valorisation of the international character of our association. In this context it is important to enhance the participation in the Association of the non-European and non-North American researchers. We should contact researchers and practitioners, for instance, from China, India, South Africa, Latin America, to promote the publication of reports about the situation and developments of WOP in their countries. Also it would be important to promote the communication about the situation of the professional practice. Consultancy firms may be good informants about their activities and interventions in these countries.

4. IAAP Bulletin:
IAAP Division 1 has continually submitted contributions to the IAAP bulletin. Especially we have used the Bulletin to promote membership of the Division among the members of the Association. More communications aiming towards this goal should be included in the Bulletin, in future issues.

5. ICAP Melbourne (Division symposia and Social Hour):
Division 1 has made a number of proposals for invited symposia. Handan Kepir Sinangil will suggest additional potential contributors of symposia at the congress on the behalf of the Division 1.
Barbara Kozusznik will take care of the Social hour which could be organized after the Assembly. In order to promote a broad participation of the membership of the division 1 and those interested we should disseminate invitations and at the social hour we should provide the attendants with Division 1 membership forms. Barbara will find out who is in charge of social hours and how much could it cost to organize it.
Also a workshop for young scientists should be organized. Perhaps, we could organize a workshop with a reduced fee, provided that the teacher would accept to do it free of charge.

6. IAAP Division 1 promotion at the future congresses:
Important to take along the IAAP leaflets with the inscription form to disseminate them at the congresses we attend.

7. Workshop Miriam Erez:
Division 1 asked Miriam Erez to give a workshop on Publishing in International journals at the EAWOP congress in Santiago de Compostela. The workshop was a success and the EC wants to congratulate and thank Prof. Erez for her contribution.

8. White papers:
The aim of the white papers is twofold: (1) to influence policy-making bodies on topics of broad societal importance by promoting the I/O and Work Psychology field as one that has relevant inputs to public and private organizations and (2) to translate our research findings from academic and applied settings into a form decision makers can use thereby rendering a service to society.
The first theme for the first white paper was established to be age at work. The current members of the Steering Committee/ Action Editors are: Virginia Schein (SIOP), Nik Chmiel (EAWOP) and Robert Roe (IAAP Division 1).  Virginia Schein acts as interim Chair, succeeding Robert Pritchard who has served as initiating Chair.
The Action Editors will select a writing team for each topic and serve as reviewers of their efforts. The writing team will do the actual writing and there will be members from each of the three organizations represented. Afterwards, they will circulate the paper to all three associations and the paper can also be submitted to the journals. All EC members are invited to suggest topics for this initiative.

9. Task force about international education of I/O psychology:
Not much done yet. This Task force is still in its beginning. Donald Truxillo from Portland University would act as a representative of SIOP and Michael Frese has expressed his willingness to participate in this Task force on the behalf of IAAP Division 1.

10. New activities in IAAP to reinforce internationalization (new forms with the use of internet)
Barbara Kozusznik will send us new forms of communicating with professionals from other areas. It is important to explore new ways of promoting our field. Perhaps, someone from marketing could give a workshop on “Professional Marketing of Organizational Psychology” in the context of the Melbourne ICAP Congress.

11. Organization of "small" IAAP seminars, symposia in different countries (e.g. in Poland)
Due to financial crisis people from Eastern Europe could organize small activities, for instance IAAP Division 1 seminars. Kristina Potocnik will send the information regarding the Regional Congress of Psychology that takes place in Sofia in the end of October 2009. Something similar could be organized by our Division.

12. Any other issues.
No other issues.




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