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Division 1 Fellows



Bernard M. Bass (State University of New York) - Founder and first president of IAAP's Division of Organizational Psychology and world renowned contributor to leadership and cross-cultural theory and research.













Pieter J.D. Drenth (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) -Active researcher and professional contributor, including over 240 published articles and President AII European Academies (ALLEA) and President Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts
and Sciences.












Miriam Erez (Technion Israel) - An eminent scholar of cross-cultural issues, goal setting, and many other topics of organizational psychology. 2002 IAAP Award for her Distinguished Scientific Contributions to the International Advancement of Applied Psychology. Has served as Editor of Applied Psychology: An International Review.












Fred E. Fiedler (University of Washington) -World renown for his contingency theory of leadership effectiveness, author of over 200 scientific articles and several.  books, and the recipient of the James McKeen Cattell Award.













Edwin Fleishman (Ohio State University) -Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, is internationally known for his pioneering and highly influential work on leadership, human abilities, and human performance. He is a past president of IAAP.












Frank Heller (Tavistock Institute London) -Developed action-oriented research methodologies to facilitate change and encourage socio-technical solutions, received honorary degree from Ghent University and Fellowship in Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies.











Daniel R. Ilgen (Michigan State University) -Ilgen is John A. Hannah Professor of Psychology and Management at Michigan State University. His contributions in the areas of work motivation and team decision making changed the field and appeared in
over 100 publications.










Steve W.J. Kozlowski (Michigan State University) - His
theory and research have shaped research in the areas of
multilevel theory, organizational climate, newcomer
socialization, team leadership, team development, training,
and learning.












Gary P. Latham (University of Toronto) - One of the most
influential work and organizational psychologists of all
times. He developed the most influential theory of
motivation - goal setting. He also did classic studies in
training and is the creator of the situational interview.












Claude Levy-Leboyer (University René Descartes Paris) -
contributed widely to the field of work and organizational
psychology. She is a past president of IAAP. She is
the founder of the European Network of Organizational












Christina Maslach (University of California at Berkeley) -
Professor of Psychology and Vice Provost of Undergraduate
Education at the University of California at Berkeley. She
conducted research in a number of areas within social and
health psychology. Her major and lasting contribution lies in
her pioneering work on job burnout.










Nigel Nicholson (London Business School) -International
pre-eminence in the many sub- fields he has worked in:
absenteeism, trade union dynamics, careers, personality,
leadership, and family business.














Lyman W. Porter (University of California at Irvine) -
Significant and influential contributor to I/O Psychology
since the 1950's, with over 80 published articles and 12













Robert A. Roe (Universiteit Maastricht) -Highly integrative
researcher in many areas. Initiator of the European Congress
of W&O Psychology and Founding President of EAWOP.
He is actively promoting European collaboration in research,
teaching and professional W&O psychology.












Benjamin Schneider (University of Maryland) –Innovator
in the area of service climate and author of9 books, and 125
articles, including two of the ten most frequently cited
articles published in the first 50 year history of Personnel











Peter B. Smith (University of Sussex at Brighton) -
Associate Editor of Applied Psychology: An International
Review 2002-5; Past President, IACCP; Eminent cross
cultural scholar, among others cross-cultura1studies o f
organisational behaviour sampling 61 nations.













Toby D. Wall (Sheffield University) -Director of the
Institute of Work Psychology and Director of the Economic
and Social Research Council's Centre for Organization and
Innovation. He has done the best and most influential work
on job design and on theories of work behavior.












Peter Warr (Sheffield University) -over many years, Peter
Warr has worked to advance applied psychology through the
development of individuals and institutions, through
international collaboration, and through research in
organizations and communities. He is the most eminent
applied psychologist in Europe.











Michael A. West (Aston Business School) -He was the first
one in Europe to supply theory and empirical work on
innovation and groups. He has promoted understanding of
the effectiveness of health service teams and organizations
and the flourishing of those who work within them.













Bernhard Wilpert (University of Berlin) - Professor
Emeritus of Psychology, has contributed widely to work and
organizational psychology. He wrote some of the most
influential books on work and organizational psychology.
Amongst others he studied work place safety and crosscultural
studies of participation and work attitudes. He is a
past president of IAAP and is one of the founders of the
European Network of Organizational Psychology.











Robert E. Wood (University of New South Wales, Sydney)
-has made a significant contribution to the development of
work motivation theory in general, and social cognitive
theory more specifically. He has introduced social-cognitive
theory to work
and organizational psychology. Editor of Applied
Psychology: An International Review, and a member of the
editorial board of several journals.