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Welcome to the homepage of Division 1 of the IAAP !!

IAAP Div. 1 participates in the initiative for promoting an Alliance for Organizational Psychology


On the 2nd of April, during the SIOP annual conference opening plenary, Division 1 of Organizational Psychology of the International Association of Applied Psychology, the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, signed a declaration to initiate an open and collaborative process with the objective of creating and promoting an Alliance for Organizational Psychology. The mission of the Alliance for Organizational Psychology (AOP) is envisioned as to support and advance the science and practice of organizational psychology in the global world, and to expand its scope of application and contribution to society to improve the quality of working life.



During the annual 2009 SIOP conference. José M. Peiró, Gary Latham and Franco Fraccaroli signed a declaration of collaboration for the Alliance for Organizational Psychology.

The Alliance should enhance the contributions of organizational psychology in the global society, to advance the science and practice of organizational psychology internationally and to promote cross national cooperation and more effective communication among the members of the associations taking part in the Alliance. Some task forces will be installed to further progress and develop this initiative.

During the EAWOP Congress to be held at Santiago de Compostela (Spain, May 14-16th 2009) and in the International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP, Melbourne, July 11-17th, 2010; http://www.icap2010.com/melbourne.php) a round table will be organized where members of the Division and other interested people may contribute and discuss about this initiative.





At the last BOD meeting, it was reported that about 50% of the IAAP members are not registered in any division of the IAAP yet. As president of the Division 1, Organizational Psychology, I want to invite you who have not yet chosen any division (or only one) to JOIN DIVISION 1 if you are interested in Work and Organizational Psychology.


I would like to share with you a number of reasons to do so:


1) Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Division 1 is and has been actively engaged in promoting WOP around the world by organizing and sponsoring different symposia, workshops and roundtables on relevant issues at the given moment at international, regional, and national congresses.


2) Division 1 offers you an electronic Newsletter twice a year and brand new website, www.iaapsy.org/division1/, with the most relevant WOP-related information and news.


3) Division 1 provides in the ICAP congress an attractive program to facilitate the scientific and professional communication of the recent developments in the discipline.


4) Division 1 has a listserv to discuss, announce, and report about the WOP news and events.


5) Division 1 cooperates with other associations in our field, such as SIOP and EAWOP, in organizing different activities. In fact, just recently, Division 1 has launched an alliance with SIOP and EAWOP to foster its cooperation with both associations. With a reduced fee, members of Division 1 may benefit of several membership benefits from SIOP, such as:

• Subscriptions to Industrial and Organizational Psychology (journal) and The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP; Newsletter). The personal subscription price for this quarterly journal is €71 for Europe. Moreover, The subscription price for TIP is $20US. SIOP members will receive these publications as a part of membership. A copy of each issue will be mailed to members. Additionally, members can access the journal electronically via the SIOP Web site. The journal takes a focal article–peer commentary–response format.

• Discounted registration fee (same as members) for annual conference, conference workshops, and Placement Center. Registration for 2009 is $190 for members and $360 for non-members. Registration for pre-conference workshops is $400 for members and $650 for non-members.


• Discounted publications (same as members) offered through SIOP online store.

• Inclusion in SIOP online directory. This online directory lists contact information for more than 6,800 members of SIOP in North America and around the world.

• Eligible to submit proposals for SIOP Annual Conference presentations. The SIOP Annual Conference is a premier event in industrial-organizational psychology. The 3-day conference features more than 300 sessions, an exhibit hall, social activities, two theme tracks of programming, and a job placement center. The conference will be held in New Orleans April 2-4, 2009, and in Atlanta April 8-10, 2010

• Subscription to SIOP Newsbriefs electronic newsletter. “Newsbriefs” is sent monthly to SIOP members.
6) Division 1 is also contributing to promote high quality training in WOP. In this line, various symposia and round tables have been organized in international Congresses on teaching of WOP around the world. Especially, promoting mobility among students and scholars across countries is one of the aims of the Division.


7) Membership of Division 1 is composed by W&O Psychologists from a large number of countries interested in the international projection of W&O Psychology. It is an interesting platform for professional international contacts, exchange, mobility, etc.


8) Most important, you can contribute to building an international active global community of professionals and academics all around the world and share with the membership your views, activities and interest of cooperation through Division 1.


The motto of the Division 1 is Internationalization of WOP. To achieve this goal, we first need as many members as possible from different parts of the world; we also need to get their involvement in the promotion of international cooperation. Therefore, we appeal to you, to JOIN DIVISION 1 and help us making Division 1 the most important platform of practitioners, researchers or just enthusiasts of WOP. If you are interested to join our Division, please send an email to:

membershipservices at blackwellpublishing.com

For any additional information, please send a message to jose.m.peiro at uv.es


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