Their Majesties Juan Carlos I and Sophia
                        King and Queen of Spain

                             HONORARY BOARD
                         Ministry of Education
                Excmo. Sr. D. Gustavo Suarez Pertierra

                          Ministry of Labour 
              Excmo. Sr. D. José Antonio Griñán Martínez

        Ministry of Public Works,  Transport, and Environment  
                  Excmo. Sr. D. José Borrel Fontelles

                   Ministry of Justice and Interior
                  Excmo. Sr. D. Juan Alberto Belloch

                    Ministry of Health and Consume
             Excma. Sra. Dña. Maria Angeles Amador Millán

                      Ministry of Social Affairs
               Excma. Sra. Dña. Cristina Alberdi Alonso

                  President of the County of Madrid 
                 Excmo. Sr. D. Joaquín Leguina Herrán

                         Lord Mayor of Madrid
             Excmo. Sr. D. José María Alvarez del Manzano

                    Complutense University of Madrid
            Rector Magnificus Dr. Gustavo Villapalos Salas